Gwalior Trade Fair Authority

Shri Mant Madhav Rao Scindia




Gwalior Expo

Modern, Sprawling Complex

Gwalior Trade Fair is held at vast and modern fair complex spread over 104 acres. 5000 pavilions and shops and shop provide ready-to use structures for show room and exhibitions. The fair complex has an independent power sub-station, water system, hospital, police station, banks and other modern facilities. Recently the GTFA has set up a state of art Export Facilitation centre in the fair complex.
The M.P. Export Facilitation Centre at Gwalior Consists of a state-of-art exhibition hall with modern facilities along with Data Bank and various facilities for Exporters and Importers.
The main exhibition hall has column free air-conditioned space of 44 M X 45 M.
Height of the building is 6 meters.
The structure is conventional steel structure on isolated footings. It is spanned on isolated footing. It is spanned over by s steel Truss and supported by steel stanchions. The sheeting is the form of a single skin insulated roof cladding.
A main service trench of 2mX2m under florr runs longitudinally to carry all services and utilities such as Electrical, Water supply, Telephone etc. from its main trench.
The High-Performance Double Glazed Window Units have a low U-Value and thus restrict the amount of heat that transmitted into the building. At the same time the type of coating and the colour of the glazing are also carefully selected to ensure that the maximum amount of light enters the building, thus eliminating the need to keep lighting on even during the day.

Facilities Provided :
  • From the entrance lobby, the visitor accesses the exhibition hall, the entrance lobby also acts as reception area.
  • The entrance to the exhibition hall is designed is such a way that the VIPs have a dedicated entrance.
  • Protocol area with a pantry and toilet.
  • Administrative office.
  • Electrical room.
  • Air Conditioning Plant.
  • Mezzanine floor area.
  • Conference room.

Handicraft Market
Entertainment Zone
Shopping Zone
Conference Room